Full Name
Rachel Parrott
Position Title
Diversity and Inclusion Manager
New Relic
Speaker Bio
Rachel Parrott is the Diversity and Inclusion manager at New Relic. In her more than four years at New Relic, Rachel has contributed to the creation of the Relics of Color Employee Resource Group, the global Allyship program originally supported solely through grassroots efforts (but is now a company-wide, global program), and works with leaders at New Relic and the community to begin shifting from addressing bias in people to bias in organizations. She is deeply passionate about understanding how the human brain and neuroscience dictates much of the discussion around diversity, equity, and inclusion and has spoken at several national conferences and meet-ups on this topic including Lesbians Who Tech + Allies and Support Driven. She can usually be found eating sprinkle donuts in bed with cats and a good book about human behavior in the workplace.
Rachel Parrott