Full Name
Irena Grabovitch-Zuyev
Position Title
Senior Data Scientist
Speaker Bio
Irena Grabovitch-Zuyev is a Senior Data Scientist at PagerDuty. She specializes in Data Mining, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval. Irena has completed her graduate studies in Information Retrieval in Social Networks at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. At PagerDuty, she is working on defining the Operational Maturity Model.

Before PagerDuty, Irena spent 5 years in Yahoo Research, as a member of the mail mining team. During her work for Yahoo, she worked on Automatic Extraction and Classification using machine learning algorithms. Her work is deployed in production in Yahoo's mail back end, and covers hundreds of millions of messages, daily.

After having several papers accepted to top conferences and filing a few patents, she is confident that her 3 most successful projects are her kids. Irena strongly believes that increasing representation in the tech industry is essential.
Irena Grabovitch-Zuyev