Full Name
Mark Huber
Position Title
Senior Director
Cox Automotive
Speaker Bio
Mark Huber is the Senior Director of Engineering Enablement at Cox Automotive. Mark and his teams provide support for more than 350 scrum teams across the Cox Automotive portfolio of products and technologies. Mark has been with Cox Automotive for 10 years and focuses on the practice of software delivery and all the facets that surround it. A developer by trade, he has found that the real power of change comes in building teams and empowering others with the practice and craft to achieve greatness for our customers.

In his most recent role, he is charged with providing an engineering ecosystem that power the lifecycle of delivery at Cox Automotive. As part of a community of practitioners, they focus on identifying the best in breed practices and continue to evolve that ecosystem. This includes building software in-house as well as toolsets from numerous partners including PagerDuty.
Mark Huber