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Learn basic incident response concepts, roles, terminology, and adoption strategies, in tandem with the open-source framework to create, customize, and implement your own incident response process.This course provides an introduction to ICS as a basis for other PDU incident response courses.

Prerequisite: Incident Command System 101

Dive deeper into the various roles, responsibilities, and documentation necessary to support your incident response process. With hands-on practice exercises and in-depth details on scaling incident command to your organizational size, we navigate common pitfalls when selecting and training Incident Commanders and other supporting roles. 

Suggested prerequisite: Incident Command System 101

This workshop draws from our open-source postmortem framework to teach you strategies for conducting successful blameless postmortems. Learn basic concepts following our step-by-step guide, but focuses on practice exercises to help you develop strategies for overcoming common pitfalls.

Change management is a strategic process, whether your team follows a DevOps methodology or not. Join this course to learn how to enhance or message the change to a DevOps mindset and get the rest of your team’s buy-in to take your software development to the next level. 

In this workshop, you'll learn how to implement a model where development teams are both empowered to own their full stack production deployments and equipped to manage common software lifecycle operational issues like reducing alert fatigue and learning from failures.

Our Event Intelligence functionalities filter and combat noise so that you can focus on evaluating and taking action on the most important data. Learn how to apply both machine learning and rule-based approaches to organize related issues across complex systems into a single incident. 

Digital transformation in the enterprise often stalls due to conflicting objectives, reinforced by tools that are built for only one operating model. Rather than continue the conflict over operating models and tools, take a HybridOps approach to accelerate digital transformation and bridge communication gaps.

PagerDuty Analytics uses human and machine response data to create modern operational insights that can be used to drive process maturity and better business outcomes. Leaders can make smarter, real-time decisions with a holistic view of machine data, services, teams, and corresponding incident actions. 

Customers who have recently purchased PagerDuty, new users who have recently been added to PagerDuty, and those who are trialling our product, can all learn how to properly set up their PagerDuty account, respond to incidents, and see if their account is following best practices.

This course explores different use cases supported by schedules and escalation policy combinations and how to implement them according to industry best practices. Ensure only the right responders get notified at exactly the right time, reducing mean time to resolve incidents along with responder alert fatigue. 

The PagerDuty Certified Incident Responder examination is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the Incident Command System and Incident Response Process. Becoming a Certified Incident Responder is a recommended, optional step toward gaining knowledge and best practices to better the Incident Response process in organizations.

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