Join the PagerDuty user experience and research team in a hands-on, design thinking session to imagine new opportunities to help different team members (engineers, managers, executives) get started with PagerDuty and hit the ground running.

Let us collaborate with you in this session to reimagine how your teams can feel prepared, knowledgeable, and excited as they navigate PagerDuty for the first time. From brainstorming to collaborative exercises, help us design a better experience for on-boarding new team members, from the first screen they see to the first task they undertake. 

Time: 3:30 pm on Wednesday, September 25
Location: Borgia Room, Westin St. Francis

This workshop is facilitated by the PagerDuty UX Design team and will be first come, first serve. Space is limited so make sure you plan ahead in order to attend!


Who should attend? 

Anyone who is interested in helping us design a better PagerDuty experience!