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September 23-25, 2019
Westin St. Francis, San Francisco, CA

Summit 2019 Agenda


In an always-on world, organizations have to deliver the best digital experiences to satisfy their customers. At Summit19, you’ll hear from keynote speakers, including our own CEO Jennifer Tejada, on how embracing real-time operations can drive companies’ agility and innovation.

In addition to the general session keynotes, you’ll have four different tracks to choose from. Each track features insights from knowledgeable subject matter experts on how you can optimize your tools, people, and processes to effectively equip your organization on its real-time operations journey. Agenda is subject to change as sessions are further developed.

PDU: Managing Incident Response Teams
Learn and develop the critical skills you need in order to manage successful Incident Response teams. This workshop presents an overview of the Incident Response process with a focus on managing expectations for executive stakeholders, addressing key operational challenges, and practical skills for managing team health. We also cover organizational concepts like shifting teams towards a model of full service ownership, enabling blameless culture, and driving continuous improvement.
PDU: Mastering Digital Services
High performing software development teams are focused on customers and on taking greater ownership of their production stack. The tricky part is teaching these teams how to tackle the operational challenges that come with full service ownership. In this workshop, you'll learn how to implement a model where development teams are both empowered to own their full stack production deployments and equipped to manage common software lifecycle operational issues like reducing alert fatigue and learning from failures.
PDU: Mitigating Business Disruption

A favorite from last year, Mitigating Business Disruption takes a deep dive into PagerDuty’s internal incident response process, which we’ve iterated on for the past 10 years.

In this course, you'll learn how to implement an effective incident response process in your organization, proactively reach out to stakeholders during the incident response process to minimize interruptions and effectively manage an incident via the PagerDuty platform, using our Modern Incident Response product.
Walking Tour of the Tenderloin with Code Tenderloin Founder Del Seymour

The Tenderloin Walking Tour, led by Code Tenderloin founder Del Seymour, will show you a neighborhood that is often avoided and almost always overlooked. The Tenderloin has played a part in the growth and development of the Bay Area, and the tour will explore the stories of those who helped shape the neighborhood and discuss those who live and work there today. Meet in the lobby of the Westin St. Francis Hotel at 2:40pm. Tour is free. Register Now and read more here about Social Impact opportunities at Summit19.


Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to solve all the levels of the failure scenarios in our Breakathon.

PagerDuty’s Breakathon is like a hackathon but with ‘breaks’ to investigate in order to win the game.  Put on your best Sherlock Holmes cap and join us to sleuth out debugging issues and fix real incidents.  Participants will work in teams of 2-4 and will compete against other teams to resolve issues the quickest. More information

Welcome Reception in Expo Hall
Kick off Summit19 with snacks, cocktails, and mocktails in our Expo Hall. 
Thanks to our Welcome Reception sponsor, Sumo Logic! 
Expo Hall Open
Registration Open
Opening Keynote
Jeff Lawson CEO and Cofounder, Twilio
Jennifer Tejada CEO, PagerDuty
Eric Yuan Founder and CEO, Zoom

The realities of digital transformation and customer expectations have made real-time operations more important than ever before. PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada will kick off Summit and discuss how digital operations management is reshaping how modern businesses work. Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and Zoom CEO Eric Yuan will also be joining Jenn onstage to discuss owning your own destiny, digital transformation, and how it's evolving the way we deliver, maintain, and scale a perfect customer experience.

Morning Networking Break in Expo Hall + Lightning Talks
Talk with the PagerDuty product team, our sponsors, and exhibitors while enjoying some light refreshments in the EXPO. 
Innovation Stage Lightning Talk Schedule
10:35 am - RDD: Resilience-Driven Development, Jason Yee, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Datadog
10:50 am - Cloud Cost as an Operational Metric, Matt Finlayson, Vice President of Engineering, Cloudability
The Road to Real Time: Product Keynote
Jonathan Rende SVP Products, PagerDuty
Rachel Obstler VP of Product Management, Pagerduty
Lilia Gutnik Principal Product Manager, PagerDuty

In today’s increasingly on-demand world, organizations are relying on a multitude of technologies to work in unison in order to create and deliver a great customer experience. Ensuring teams can successfully own that experience is critical. Join us as the Product Management team showcases the latest innovations from PagerDuty that help teams orchestrate actions in real time.

CIO Panel: Digital Transformation and Innovation
Shobhana Ahluwalia Head of IT Engineering, Uber
Cynthia Stoddard Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Adobe

How can enterprise organizations scale their operations and innovate with intention while maintaining the happiness of their employees and customers?  Hear from Cindy Stoddard, SVP and CIO at Adobe, and Shobhana Ahluwalia, Head of IT at Uber, as they speak on the challenges and opportunities that come with being a leader in tech in today’s digital world.

PagerDuty Summit Awards Ceremony (Community and Partner)
Alex Solomon Co-Founder and CTO, PagerDuty, Inc.

Alex Solomon, Co-founder and CTO of PagerDuty, will present awards to honor our key customers and partners across several different categories. The awards recognize customers and partners for their unique use cases, cross-team collaboration, and business impact from leveraging the PagerDuty platform.

Lunch: Birds of a Feather
Lunch in Expo Hall + Lightning Talks
Grab some lunch and listen in!
Innovation Stage Lightning Talk Schedule
12:40 pm - Jumpstarting Your DevSecOps Pipeline with IAST and RASP, Contrast Security
12:55 pm - So you think you can log? Automating log levels to resolve incidents faster, Yusinto Ngadiman, Software Engineer, Launch Darkly
1:10 pm - Real-Time Observability for Distributed Systems, Craig Vitter, Solutions Architect, Humio
1:40 pm - The case for chaos: Thinking about failure holistically, Ho Ming Li, Principal Solutions Architect, Gremlin

All booths will be open during lunch.
Nathen Harvey Developer Advocate, Google
Stephanie Hippo Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Google

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a set of principles, practices, and organizational constructs that seek to balance the reliability of a service with the need to continually deliver new features.  This talk will focus on the alerting and incident response considerations of SRE. An error budget is the primary construct used to help balance reliability and feature velocity.  A well defined error budget, made up of service level indicators (SLIs) and service level objectives (SLOs), helps determine when an alert should be sent and to whom. Alerts require action and attention.  We will explore how incidents are initiated, roles that play a part in incident response, and what we can learn from incidents. Leave this talk with a deeper understanding of SRE principles and with some ideas about how to improve your team's own SRE practices.

Guillermo Diaz SVP, Customer Transformation, Cisco

By establishing and emphasizing a company’s commitment to inclusion, businesses will be able to build a more progressive and people-oriented corporate identity which may in turn drive profitability. During this session, Guillermo Diaz, SVP of Customer Transformation at Cisco, will reveal how doing the right thing through DEI led to positive business outcomes.

Rishi Divate Principal Technical Product Manager, Sumo Logic

As digital transformation continues to be a critical priority for organizations, making the incident response process more real-time and proactive for development, operations and security teams are paramount to success. Learn more about how the joint solution from PagerDuty and Sumo Logic can enable you to achieve comprehensive incident response spanning signal (detection) to action (response).

Danny Nicholls Application Support Analyst, IG
David Shackelford Product Director, Event Intelligence, PagerDuty
Andrew Stutz Product Manager, Event Intelligence, PagerDuty

Managing all of the signals coming into a large organization has become increasingly difficult in today’s global, fast-changing world. Teams can become easily overwhelmed with noise or have something slip through the cracks. The traditional ways of handling operational telemetry are not suited to the needs of a large organization that must distribute responsibility and empower teams to make fast, local decisions to serve their customers. PagerDuty Event Intelligence was launched to help customers aggregate and make sense of all their operational events, suppress distracting noise, and drive the right response in the moments that matter. In this session we’ll hear how customers leverage Event Intelligence in their organization and provide a deep dive into the future of this product.

Sasha Rosenbaum Azure DevOps Program Manager, Microsoft

As we venture into new fields, we sometimes forget to apply the lessons learned in the past. As machine learning (ML) becomes more accessible to developers without a data science degree, and ML models multiply, we begin to see a glaring deficiency. Many of the ML frameworks support easily building and tweaking ML models, but do not offer source control. To make matters worse, ML models often require prolonged trial and error, and even small changes in parameters can produce large changes in model accuracy. As developers test new models, it becomes difficult to roll back to previous versions, create a reliable CI/CD pipeline into the production environment and monitor the application after it is deployed. In this talk, we'll discuss the potential ways you could begin with the end in mind and build a reliable process for delivering your ML models into production.

Ovadia Harary Software Enginner, Flatiron Health
Cameron Edwards SaaS Production Engineer Lead, TechnologyOne
Daniel Sultana Groups Director of SaaS, TechnologyOne

The stakes of delivering reliable digital experiences grow exponentially by the day, creating significant burdens and stress for those on-call. In this session, you will hear from diverse IT practitioners and leaders across different industries on how their teams have reimagined on-call to reduce burden on teams while also better servicing customers.

Wei Lien Dang Co-Founder and VP of Product, StackRox
Surag Patel Chief Strategy Officer, Contrast Security

Security is everyone’s job. Connecting security signals to action—while keeping both developers and security teams informed—is a cornerstone of DevSecOps. In this session, we’ll discuss what other cultural and technology elements help form a strong foundation for DevSecOps, including the use of Cloud Security, Application Security, SIEM, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, and other tools.

Amit Juyal Senior Service Lifecycle Manager, Sky Betting and Gaming
Paul Rechsteiner Group Product Manager, PagerDuty

Major incidents strike at the most inopportune times, leaving teams scrambling to coordinate the proper business and technical response needed to minimize impact to the business. In this session, you will learn how to improve the automation and orchestration of incidents with PagerDuty Modern Incident Response and new collaboration integrations. Automate your incident processes through your mobile device, the PagerDuty web application, and Slack to keep stakeholders up-to-date and technical responders focused on restoring service. We will also cover new feature updates in Modern Incident Response (MIR), along with industry best practices around running major incident response.

Afternoon Networking Break in Expo Hall + Lightning Talks
Talk with the PagerDuty product team, our sponsors, and exhibitors while enjoying some light refreshments in the EXPO. 
Innovation Stage Lightning Talk Schedule
3:35 pm - Using AI/ML to automate CI/CD, Steve Burton, VP Marketing, Harness
3:50 pm - How Low-Code Service Management Fosters Innovation, Josh Caid, Chief Evangelist, Cherwell
General Session - Andre Iguodala + Jennifer Tejada Fireside Chat
Andre Iguodala Three-time NBA Champion and Tech Advocate,
Jennifer Tejada CEO, PagerDuty

Andre Iguodala, three-time NBA Champion, will be joining PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada for a fireside chat. You’ll hear about his perspective on competing at an elite level and his philosophy on investing in technology companies. 

General Session -
Jan Eissfeldt Lead Manager, Wikimedia Foundation Inc
Stephen Neil IT Infrastructure Lead, Mary's Meals International
Olivia Khalili VP, Global Social Impact, PagerDuty

Olivia Khalili, VP of Global Social Impact, will discuss works to accelerate the impact of mission-driven organizations by empowering teams to respond in real time to positively impact their communities. Joining Olivia on stage will be Jan Eissfeldt, Lead Manager of Trust and Safety at the Wikimedia Foundation, and Stephen Neil, Infrastructure Lead, Mary's Meals International, to discuss how PagerDuty helps their teams orchestrate immediate action against threat OR in response to threatening situations.

Closing General Session: Evolving Cloud Security with Vault
Mitchell Hashimoto Founder and CTO, HashiCorp

The properties of Cloud fundamentally changed the definition of “modern” software and along with it came new approaches to old problems. Five years ago, I started a project called Vault that took a new approach to security to match the expectations of a world going cloud. It was not without controversy -- there was significant pushback when Vault was first introduced. Today, Vault is part of almost every US financial transaction, protects the data of most major retailers, and is likely running in your home without you knowing. This talk explores the history of Vault: the environment that led to its creation, the properties that made it unique and stand out, the impact it's had since then, and why I think it's been successful to date.  More broadly, this talk attempts to recognize that everything around us is somebody’s vision and that anybody anywhere is capable of making change happen.

Cocktail Hour In Expo Hall
Volunteer Activity: Kit-Making for Code Tenderloin Participants

After General Session wraps up on Tuesday and before the Customer Appreciation Party, take some time to make a difference for the Code Tenderloin community by assembling hygiene and interview kits. Whether you assemble one kit or 10, your efforts will have lasting benefits. Hygiene kits will provide immediate support to Code Tenderloin’s newcomers, many of whom are homeless, and interview kits will help code camp graduates find jobs and transition back to employment.

Customer Appreciation Party

We’re tenting off Union Square (which is permitted only four times per year, btw, so this is really special) for our Customer Appreciation Party. There is something for everyone. Interested in augmented reality? We’ll have that. Interactive art project? We’ll have that, too! Or maybe you just want to grab a drink and some food, and spend your time mingling and networking with attendees, sponsors, and speakers before hitting the dance floor. Join us for an unforgettable evening that is uniquely PagerDuty.

Expo Hall Open
Registration Open
Limitless! The SUP Crossing Story - Chris Bertish
Chris Bertish International Inspirational Speaker, Big Wave Surfing Mavericks Champion, Stand-Up Paddleboarding Guinness World Record Holder,

There has never before been a solo expedition so wild, extreme and hazardous that, as Red Bull, Nat Geo and the New York Times said ”Redefined Adventure!” But not only did Chris’s incredible SUP Crossing transcend the limits of what was thought to be humanly possible, it was completed for an incredible life changing purpose that directly impacted and inspired millions around the world. In March 2017 Chris completed his most daring challenge yet by becoming the first person to cross the entire Atlantic Ocean (over 7500km) on a Stand Up Paddleboard over 93 days and 93 grueling nights, solo & unsupported. In doing so, Chris dared to achieve what most perceive to be impossible.

Morning Networking Break in Expo Hall + Lightning Talks
Talk with the PagerDuty product team, our sponsors, and exhibitors while enjoying some light refreshments in the EXPO. 
Innovation Stage Lightning Talk Schedule
10:50 am - Why you need SaaS monitoring with a PagerDuty integration, Forrest Evans, Manager, Product Management, Logic Monitor
11:05 am - Using analytics to avoid the 3AM wakeup call, Pontus Rydin, Chief Evangelist, Wavefront by VMware
Ecosystem Keynote: Innovation in Digital Operations with the Power of the Ecosystem
Jukka Alanen Senior Vice President, Business Development and Corporate Strategy, PagerDuty
Luke Behnke VP-Product, Zendesk
Jesse Dougherty GM of Application Integration, Amazon Web Services
John Baldo Product Manager, PagerDuty
Scott McAllister Developer Advocate, PagerDuty
Get educated and inspired to innovate digital operations with PagerDuty’s platform and ecosystem. In addition to learning how you can apply PagerDuty to solve more problems, you will learn from other industry-leaders about new solutions to transform digital operations. Hear from AWS about managing Cloud operations and automating real-time workflows. Learn from Zendesk how to improve customer service and orchestrate resolution in real-time. Hear about new innovative solutions across Cloud, DevOps, ITOps, Security Operations, Customer Service, and more. We will also show how developers are empowered to build and innovate on the PagerDuty platform. 
Lunch in Expo Hall + Lightning Talks
Grab some lunch and listen in!
Innovation Stage Lightning Talk Schedule
12:10 pm - Rundeck + PagerDuty = Shorter Incidents. Fewer Escalations, Damon Edwards, CoFounder, Rundeck
12:25 pm - Error Monitoring using Sentry, Neil Manvar, Solutions Engineering Manager, Sentry
12:40 pm - Change Management in the Age of DevOps, Berkeley Vogelheim, Solutions Engineer, Freshworks
12:55 pm - Spend Less Time Debugging & Sleep Through the Night with Observability, Michael Wilde, Account Executive,

All booths will be open during lunch.
Lunch: Reflections - The influence of diverse talent on technology

Intentional inclusion (from product design to marketing strategy) has always delivered exceptional results. Underrepresented voices are stepping into positions of influence that are changing the way we work and create -- and our businesses (and communities) are thriving as a result. However, despite these successes, the tech industry continues to churn out products created by largely homogenous teams. This session will examine the pathways and obstacles for underrepresented talent seeking meaningful careers in tech while also critically examining the rising influence of our newest technology, artificial intelligence.

Lunch Workshop: Chaos Engineering

At this lunchtime workshop, teams of attendees will work together to remediate randomized table top problem scenarios before it “negatively impacts the business.” Attendance will be on a first come, first served basis and space is limited, so make sure you plan ahead in order to attend! You can find additional details here.

Dawn Parzych Developer Advocate, LaunchDarkly

Teams work hard to build resilient systems and ensure high availability, but they don’t always see the impact this has on those supporting these services. We praise teams and individuals for going the extra mile or solving incidents while on vacation. We label these people rockstars when things go wrong. We take time to conduct a post-incident retrospective, yet we don’t ask the problem-solver how they are doing and whether they need time to recover. You can only give 110% for so long before you burnout. Dawn Parzych, Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly, will explore what we can do to avoid burnout in ourselves and others.

Jason Riggins Senior Director of Production Engineering, Cox Automotive
Aaron Gurley Software Engineering Manager, Garmin International
Andrew Luria Director - Critical Incident Response Team, ADP

Digital transformation can have a material business impact, but it often leads to multiple operating models co-existing within an organization.  As such, teams are increasingly adopting Hybrid Operations, where they work to mature practices and visibility across a mix of technologies and operating models. Leaders from Cox Automotive and ADP will share how they’ve implemented HybridOps and the business value they’ve realized from this approach.

Ali Rayl Vice President of Customer Experience, Slack

Many modern ITOps and DevOps teams count on Slack and other ChatOps tools to keep everyone on the same page when things are running smoothly—and when they aren’t. In this panel, we’ll talk to shared PagerDuty and Slack customers, as well Slack VP of Customer Experience Ali Rayl, about the importance of working where you are and providing noise-free context to responders in Slack.

Anubhav Jain Senior Software Engineer, Salesforce

Learn how to quickly start building a PagerDuty app or integration with our latest developer tooling. We’ll showcase some interesting ways in which PagerDuty customers and partners have leveraged our platform to create great experiences for their employees and customers.

Christine Yen Cofounder/CEO, Honeycomb

There's been a lot of talk about software ownership, but what does "owning code in production" really mean for developers, day to day?
Observability - a term not just for tools, but processes and culture - benefits developers *more* than it does operators. This talk will discuss what a virtuous cycle between observing production and software development looks like, why it matters, and how to encourage it on your own team.

Rey Faustino Founder & CEO, One Degree
Nancy McGuire Choi Chief Operating Officer, Polaris
Ben Sheldon Engineering Manager, Code for America

Nonprofits perform some of the most mission-critical and time-sensitive work out of any industry—and increasingly, that work is powered by technology to drive access and scale. Learn from executives at leading nonprofit organizations on how PagerDuty is integral to their commitment to deliver the services that save lives from human trafficking, ensure access to food stamps, empower families to find life-improving resources, and more.

Luke Behnke VP-Product, Zendesk

Providing great customer service means more than just responding to your customers. It means being able to capture events as they happen and proactively push outbound communications to get ahead of your customers. Join this session to hear how Zendesk and PagerDuty work together to help your support agents respond to your customers and resolve issues faster.

Matt Smith Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Willis Towers Watson
Jeff Martens Group Product Manager, PagerDuty

Managing real-time work is about more than going on-call, and the way we manage this work can have outsized impacts on business outcomes. PagerDuty not only helps you understand and manage this work, but with our Analytics and Visibility offerings you can empower everyone in your organization to use business impact to drive decisions that lead to improvement. In this session, you’ll hear from Willis Towers Watson on how the company leverages business impact insights to drive better outcomes, as well as how you can leverage PagerDuty products for better business outcomes in your organization.

Afternoon Networking Break in Expo Hall
Last networking break of Summit19! Talk with the PagerDuty product team, our sponsors, and exhibitors while enjoying some light refreshments in the EXPO. 
Chaiti Banerjee Enterprise Delivery Pipeline Lead, TD Bank
Peter Dichard Prodcuct Owner, IBM

DevOps transformation is crucial to modernizing both business and technology to create fully aligned teams that increase the speed of delivering successful business outcomes. But it’s far easier said than done, especially at large enterprises with entrenched processes, cultures, and tooling. Learn best practices from leading enterprises on unifying development and operations to improve agility and collaboration across the entire software delivery lifecycle. 

Scott Ward Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Companies migrating to the cloud need to ensure they have a strong security posture and can meet compliance requirements. Along with ensuring compliance, companies also are faced with the challenge of tying together multiple security tools that generate a high volume of event data across disparate interfaces and platforms. In this session, Scott Ward, Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, will outline how AWS Security Hub and PagerDuty, when used together, can help teams can leverage disparate security tools and migrate with confidence.

Lilia Gutnik Principal Product Manager, PagerDuty
Peg Mickelson Director of Engineering, Merrill Corporation

Organizations are increasingly adopting microservices architectures and making teams wholly responsible for the lifecycle of their services, from inception through to operation. However, this creates new challenges: It’s hard to know how “good” services are before they are deployed into production (or what “good” even looks like), as well as measure the potential impact of new services on the whole system. Furthermore, with potentially hundreds or thousands of services, things will inevitably go wrong. When they do, how do teams quickly understand who owns what? And more importantly, what are the services’ real-time dependencies, which could reveal the root of the problem? Join us as we discuss these and other aspects of modern service ownership.

The Journey Matters: A design thinking workshop

This session, facilitated by the PagerDuty UX Design Team, will reimagine how your teams can feel prepared, knowledgeable, and excited as they navigate PagerDuty for the first time. The workshop will be first come, first serve and space is limited, so make sure you plan ahead in order to attend!

Who should attend? Anyone who is interested in helping us design a better PagerDuty experience! More information on this session.

Ho Ming Li Principal Solutions Architect, Gremlin

You’ve heard of Chaos Engineering, eager to practice it, but not sure where to start? You’re busy with Digital Transformation, and not sure where Chaos Engineering fits? How do you convince your peers and management that Chaos Engineering is critical to your project? This talk will help you answer those questions with real world stories from helping Gremlin customers adopt Chaos Engineering.

In addition to this compelling track session, a chaos engineering workshop will be hosted during lunch to give attendees a hands-on and in-depth experience.

Matt Finlayson Vice President of Engineering, Cloudability
Jeffery Smith Director, Production Operations, Centro

Whether it’s delighting a customer or finding a security risk, seconds—not hours or minutes— matter. Experiences can go viral, which means the ability to take action in real time is relevant across nearly any scenario imaginable. Any digital signal can be translated into real-time context and action, and adopting real-time response across the organization is critical for success and survival. Hear how leaders use PagerDuty to help their teams master real-time response across use cases like MarketingOps and FinOps.

Rory Petty Product Manager, Google Cloud

Monitoring hybrid (both cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure) and multi-cloud services can be tricky for DevOps teams. In this session, we will demonstrate how teams can monitor their hybrid and multi-cloud services and applications using Stackdriver, and then use those signals to manage incident response with PagerDuty.


Choose Your Journey

In addition to the general session keynotes, you’ll have four different tracks to choose from. Each track features insights from knowledgeable subject matter experts on how you can optimize your tools, people, and processes to effectively equip your organization on its real-time operations journey.
Business Value
Deep dive into new ways to adopt PagerDuty across the organization to drive more business value.
Explore how you can leverage your existing tools by integrating them with PagerDuty to optimize your existing technology investments.
Get the in-depth, inside scoop on PagerDuty's newest capabilities to help you get the most out of our multi-product platform.
Best Practices
Learn from technical experts and thought leaders on the latest in DevOps and the how-to's of digital transformation.