PagerDuty University

On Monday, September 23, PagerDuty University (PDU) offers a series of full-day master classes that take a deep dive into PagerDuty's latest product innovations. PDU provides hands-on training, expert technical instruction, and strategic best practices for both developers and business leaders to manage or build an optimal Digital Operations management team.
Registration for PDU is $800 and includes training materials and lunch.
Incident Response
PDU: Managing Incident Response Teams
Learn and develop the critical skills you need in order to manage successful Incident Response teams. This workshop presents an overview of the Incident Response process with a focus on managing expectations for executive stakeholders, addressing key operational challenges, and practical skills for managing team health. We also cover organizational concepts like shifting teams towards a model of full service ownership, enabling blameless culture, and driving continuous improvement.
Incident Response
PDU: Mitigating Business Disruption

A favorite from last year, Mitigating Business Disruption takes a deep dive into PagerDuty’s internal incident response process, which we’ve iterated on for the past 10 years.

In this course, you'll learn how to implement an effective incident response process in your organization, proactively reach out to stakeholders during the incident response process to minimize interruptions and effectively manage an incident via the PagerDuty platform, using our Modern Incident Response product.
PDU: Mastering Digital Services
High performing software development teams are focused on customers and on taking greater ownership of their production stack. The tricky part is teaching these teams how to tackle the operational challenges that come with full service ownership. In this workshop, you'll learn how to implement a model where development teams are both empowered to own their full stack production deployments and equipped to manage common software lifecycle operational issues like reducing alert fatigue and learning from failures.