Are you ready to take a deep dive into PagerDuty’s latest product innovations? PagerDuty University offers a series of master classes that provide hands-on training, expert technical instruction, and strategic best practices for both developers and business leaders to manage or build an optimal Digital Operations Management team.
Incident Response
Mitigating Business Disruption

Develop and implement an optimal incident response process with best practices and product training from PagerDuty. You’ll be able to:

  • Implement an effective incident response process in your organization
  • Understand different roles in the incident response process
  • Manage an incident via the PagerDuty platform, using our Modern Incident Response product
Taking Command: Leading Incident Response

Following on to the Mitigating Business Disruption course, this day-long session will dive into the role of the Incident Commander and the responsibilities and skills required to execute the most effective response.

Event Intelligence

Managing the Noise

Cut through the noise and prioritize what matters to streamline efficiency with this hands-on training. You’ll be able to:

  • Optimize your services architecture
  • Differentiate between actionable data and just noise
  • Apply event management strategies to prioritize the data that matters

Mastering Digital Services

A hands-on technical session diving into how to set up services and integrations as effectively as possible, based on PagerDuty’s best practices.